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It’s important that to understand how your bra is fitting at the moment. There are many things that can cause your bra size to change including weight gain/loss and pregnancy and there are a few tell-tale signs that you may be wearing the wrong size bra.

These can include:

- Wrinkling in the cups
- Undercup/underwire digging into your breast
- Band rides up
- Breasts spilling over the cup
- Straps slipping off shoulders
- Your bra hikes up when you lift your arms

To help identify whether you’re in the right bra or not, we have created a Fit Quiz. This will help distinguish any of the above issues and conclude whether your current bra size is right or wrong. If your still unsure after completing the quiz, that’s when you can measure yourself and double check your size on our Bra Fit Chart.

Determine your bra size band.

To measure your band size, it’s important that you wear a non-padded bra. Take a tape measure and measure directly under your bust ensuring that the tape stays parallel and doesn’t drop down your back. This measurement needs to be nice and tight and round to the nearest whole number.

Determine your cup size

To measure you cup size measure loosely around the fullest part of your breast. This is generally where your nipples are. Again, make sure the tape stays parallel and doesn’t drop down anywhere. Ensure the measurement isn't tight. All Hotmilk bras have stretch in the top cup, so this will allow for any increase/decrease depending on how full your breasts are when you measure them.

Double check your bra size.

Once you have the above 2 measurements, it’s time to double check your bra size. Use the below chart to double check your band size and cup size. Should the results vary, make sure you consider how you bra is fitting now, how old your bra is and make a final decision based on all of the above factors.

If you do happen to order the wrong size bra, it’s always good to remember the see saw tip. If you need to go down in the band, you’ll go up in the cup and vice versa…For example, if a 36C is too big for you in the band, you could try a 34D which is a similar cup size, but a smaller band.

Good luck and remember we’re to help if you have any questions when ordering.

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