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Hotmilk is world-renowned for developing forward-thinking products for women. We are committed to developing premium products that cover all her changing needs, from fearless and aspirational styles to the everyday basics, to empower her to become the best version of herself.

Our purpose is to elevate the female experience by encouraging all women who wear our brand to feel inspired, empowered and, most importantly, confident in owning their journey.
Hotmilk launched over fifteen years ago, when our founder, Lisa Ebbing wasn't prepared to give up wearing beautiful lingerie just because she was about to become a mother. She wanted to create a brand that empowered her to have self-confidence as her body shape changed.

Drawing on her experience and her newfound respect for the strength of a woman's body, she decided to create products that defied the norm and pushed the boundaries of maternity and nursing wear. Today, Hotmilk continues to create edgy, supportive, and cutting-edge garments inspired by women and their incredible strength. Our styles are both fashionable and functional, with thought going into every detail, from the fabric to the fit.

Made mindfully, Hotmilk continuously develops and deepens our focus on the environment and actively embraces inclusivity and diversity. Hotmilk proudly employs women from all over the world to help carry out our vision.



Doing what we can to heal the planet

Based in New Zealand, Hotmilk Collective are very proactive in understanding the ever-growing pressures placed on the environment and do the utmost to minimise the harmful effects materialism has on the planet and its people. We are conscious of the impact manufacturing has on our world so we only work with factories that abide by fair trade practices, that ensure minimal waste during the manufacturing process & have great social responsibility. We also have moved to compostable courier bags and have reduced plastic by cutting out plastic hangers and polybags on over 100,000 items every year.

Our work with charities

The product is designed with the integrity of women in mind and Hotmilk Collective choose to work with various charities around the world to help mothers & women in need. This includes Women’s Refuge, I Support The Girls, Orange Sky, Knickers for Africa and Breast Cancer. Over the years we have donated 1000’s of knickers and bras to charities who have distributed our products to those in need. You can find out more by visiting our charity page.

We use only the best

Designed by mothers for mothers, our priority is on your comfort, support and wellbeing. We use premium Oeko-tex 100 certified fabrics, materials and accessories to ensure you have only the best nursing bras. They also have soft cup linings, minimal seams, graduated straps and additional hooks at the back for adjustment.

Designed for your comfort

We know your body shape is changing constantly so our bras are all designed to transition with you through these stages. Comfort, support and amazing designs, all without restriction and without compromising your style. Hotmilk is in its second decade of life so you can have confidence that our bra experience and award winning styles are what you need at this incredibly special (sometimes challenging) time in your life.

You’ve got this!

We support breastfeeding. It’s such an amazing gift that we’ve been given, and the benefits of breast milk are undeniable for both you and your baby. However, we also believe that women should be able to breastfeed for as long as they want, or not at all, without any judgement. This is your journey; you should do whatever works for you and your baby. Don’t forget you’ve grown a human, and you’re amazing as you are, with or without breastfeeding.