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Charity and Support

Knickers For Africa

Hotmilk Lingerie assisted former Zimbabwean Morag Roy in an effort to lower the rate of sexual abuse amongst young women living in villages in Zimbabwe by sending close to 12,000 Hotmilk items.

Roy discovered that sexual abuse of young girls was rampant in Zimbabwe and asked a priest what the girls needed most to prevent this happening. “He told me that underwear gives a woman prestige, shows that they have money and means men are less likely to assault them,” said Roy.

“I was amazed but when I flew back six months later with suitcases stuffed with bras I saw first-hand what a difference it made.”

During the trip, Roy also found that most of the young girls and mothers there only had one ragged pair of knickers each, so often wore none. “They also desperately need knickers, but I guess a Catholic priest wouldn’t have thought about mentioning that!” said Roy.

Hotmilk learnt of the cause and were determined to lend a hand. “Sometimes we can take a lot for granted, from the roofs over heads right down to the fact we own underwear,” says Hotmilk co-owner and co-designer Ange Crosbie.
“When we heard that something as simple as undergarments had the possibility of giving young women in Zimbabwe a better chance to live a life free of sexual abuse, we knew that we wanted to help."

Morag had done such a great job in gathering thousands of bras for her cause and we were delighted to donate close to 12,000 Hotmilk items. We also orgnised Hotmilk stockists across the globe to gather quality secondhand bras and unworn underwear to ship to Africa.

Most of the bras were given out in Samkele, Lupane and Bulawayo areas. The women love them and there is always great excitement and joy when they are received.


Hotmilk Breast cancer Morning Tea

Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women, and the third most common caner overall.

Seven New Zealand women, on average, will hear the news today that they have breast cancer and it affects one in nine New Zealand women over their lifetime. Hotmilk supports the NZ breast cancer foundation through various ways including Pink Morning teas.

The money raised from the morning teas go towards funding community outreach programmes throughout the country. The programmes help to heighten community awareness of breast cancer and provide support that assists to improve the quality of life of people affected by breast cancer in New Zealand.

Mastectomy Bra Production

Being told that you need to have a mastectomy surgery can be extremely daunting and upsetting for some women. Post surgery can leave women feeling less confident and less feminine. It was these feelings that sparked Hotmilk to look at producing a mastectomy bra for women post surgery.

Hotmilk researched the concept for months prior to production. A lot of time and care was spent talking to Plastic Surgeons as well as real life women who had been through the surgery and were now trying to regain their confidence and femininity.

6 Months prior to the Sophia bra being released, Hotmilk asked women who had had a mastectomy to be a fit model and provide Hotmilk with thoughts on the bra. The feedback was overwhelming.

“The Sophia bra is extremely comfortable to wear, it looks absolutely wonderful and I look and feel more feminine than I have since my mastectomy, now I feel the same as ‘normal’ women”.

Hotmilk directors, Lisa Ebbing and Ange Crosbie said “Bringing the Sophia bra to the market was a privilege to help post surgery wearers, at a difficult time in their lives when they need it most and helping them to feel confident in themselves.”