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Baby Sleep Regression: Understanding the Signs, Symptoms, and Effective Tips

Sleep regression can be a challenging phase for parents during their baby's first year. Suddenly, the once peaceful sleeper starts struggling to settle down or...

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My Necessity Sleep/Hospital Bra - definitely a Necessity!

As the name suggests, this luxuriously soft bra will become a necessity in your wardrobe. This bra is perfect for those first days of breastfeeding whist...

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Do Breastfeed babies sleep worse than formula?

We get asked a lot about breastfeeding vs formula feeding here at Baby Sleep Consultant. A lot of mums feel their baby can’t sleep well...

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Three Baby Sleep Case Studies

No cry sleep training Many parents think any form of sleep training involves shutting a helpless baby in a room alone to cry it out...

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Top 10 newborn sleep tips!

Swaddle, Swaddle, Swaddle Your baby has spent 9 months in utero this has cocooned your baby and created that reassuring snug feeling which has enabled...

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