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Hotmilk Collective are constantly looking at ways to reduce plastic consumption in all aspects of what they do. Garments are now received without hangers and delivered in bulk boxes without single-use plastic (poly) bags.

Reducing plastic: Our garments are received without hangers and stacked in transit without the use of single-use plastic poly bags. We have saved hundreds of thousands of single-use plastic bags and hangers from ended up in landfill and our oceans.

Minimising our carbon footprint: Where ever possible we will always combine retail and wholesale orders to send together via sea freight or over air freight. We also aim to use sea freight as opposed to air freight to minimise our emissions where we can. We choose to work with courier companies who have good environmental policies and strive to reduce their carbon footprint as much as we do.

Compostable choices: Our courier bags have a superpower just like you! They are made from plants and are home compostable, so you can throw them in your compost bin once you've received your beautiful garments.