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Hotmilk Collective garments are made with you and the environment at heart. From the fit to the fabric, we’re designing innovative and cutting-edge styles that are both sexy, comfy, and eco-conscious. Read on for all the details of our garments.

Designed by mothers, for mothers.

Our team is made up mostly of experienced mamas that have been through pregnancy and breastfeeding and understand the challenges and changes in your body. This knowledge is constantly at the forefront of everything we do and how we design our bras.

Supportive, sexy, and safe.

From style to safety, we care wholeheartedly for you and your motherhood journey. We do a vast amount of research into the fabrics and trims we use to ensure they are safe for nursing mums and babies. Our magnetic maternity clips are tested with a heart specialist for safety with pacemakers and trims and laces are all selected with you and your baby at the forefront. Plus, our nursing clips are delicate and discreet so you can continue to wear our bras beyond maternity and nursing.

Bureau Veritas:

All components with specific functions eg nursing clips, hooks and eyes etc are tested for safety (ie sharp edges), strength and quality.

Fit and function.

Throughout the design and manufacture process, our garments are tested and fitted on real women to ensure they support mothers where it's needed and fit true to size. We have fit models in a variety of shapes and sizes who frequently visit our headquarters to try on and test our bras before we produce them. This helps to ensure a great fit, so you’ll want to wear your bra through pregnancy and beyond, increasing the life of your garment.

Materials that matter.

Small steps can have a big impact, and we are making small changes where we possibly can to reduce our environmental impact. We are constantly looking at how we can use recycled and natural fibres in our garments, and already have a variety of pieces made with these fabrics.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100:

All Hotmilk fabric and trims are sourced from certified suppliers to comply with Oekotex 100 safe for skin standards. This ensures garments and their dyes are safe to wear against the skin with no nasty chemicals and heavy metals.

We aim to be as ethical as we can in the way we source our fabrics, and choose to use stock fabrics and trims that are often leftovers or waste from larger company orders, which in turn diverts this fabric from landfill.

Quality that grows with you:

Careful consideration is given to the quality of the fibres to ensure the longevity of the garment. We design multi-fit garments that grow with you during pregnancy and stretch between sizes so you don’t need dozens of different bras. A beautiful example of this are our bras that feature bands with 6 hook and eyes, so your bra can be easily adjusted as you adjust to your new changes, too.

Intertek Quality Assurance:

All Hotmilk styles are tested before production to assure complete quality compliance ensuring garments will retain colour, shape and function.

Give Your Garments A New Life

We love seeing mothers all over the world wearing our bras, whether they’ve purchased a new style or they’re second hand. Our bras are designed to be so beautiful and functional that you can wear them post-pregnancy, however, if you have one of our bras and you find you aren’t wearing it as much as you could be, give your garment a new life and sell it on our Hotmilk Buy/Sell/Swap page. You might even find another style from a previous collection that you love!

TOP TIP FOR OUR MAMAS: Your time is precious, so don't waste it by handwashing our bras; instead, pop them in a lingerie bag and machine wash them as normal. Even better, save money and embrace nature by line drying items - no tumble drying or dry cleaning needed.