Meet Helen


An incredible mama to 2 of the sweetest girls, Harper and Mackenzie.
Helen is such a ray of sunshine with a beautiful postive outlook on life!

How did you feel about the changes to your body before the shoot?

I have learnt to love and embrace the changes to my body that come hand in hand with pregnancy and post partum. Our bodies are amazing things and to be able to see the changes from growing a little human to breastfeeding makes you love yourself more.

How did the shoot and wearing Hotmilk Lingerie make you feel afterwards?

Hotmilk is such an amazing product. As mums we forget to take care of ourselves as we put our little kiddies first so wearing something sexy, comfortable and be able to feed in it, is a dream!

What’s the top tip you’d give to a new mother?

It’s all about the little wins! Take each day as it comes and enjoy this time, as our babies grow up so quickly.

What’s the best thing about being a mother?

Pure joy, love and excitement are only a few words that can describe the feeling when you see your baby for the first time and that they are mine forever. I get to watch them grow, laugh, help wipe the tears and support them in everything they do, being their number 1 is the best feeling.