First Trimester Bras (0 - 12 Weeks)

Congratulations Mama! As your bump starts to grow through pregnancy, so will your bra size. Now is the time to get fitted for your first maternity bras. All our bras have been designed with your changing body in mind and will stretch and grow with you. If you are not sure if you will breastfeed, choose one of our styles with discreet magnetic nursing clips, or no clips.  At this stage, we recommend ordering a band size up from your regular bras, as your rib cage will continue to grow as the baby grows.  Your cup size will likely not change too dramatically this early, the breasts may just feel fuller.  It never hurts to go up a bra cup size though to be safe and you will grow into it!  Here are some of our favourite maternity styles below.  Contact us with any sizing questions as we're here to help!