Maternity & Nursing Sleepwear

Shop the latest in maternity sleepwear. Our maternity sleepwear is supportive, breathable, and incredibly soft, perfect for those long nights through pregnancy and breastfeeding. With easy-access designs that simplify feedings during those early morning hours, breastfeeding becomes easier too.  Maternity and nursing sleepwear makes for an ideal maternity present for mama too.

Maternity sleepwear is a critical investment for expecting and new mothers. As your body changes through pregnancy, traditional sleepwear may no longer provide the comfort and fit you need. Our maternity sleepwear is designed to adapt to your changing shape, providing ample support where it's needed most and then transition to nighttime breastfeeding with openings or drop-down cups. The breathable material helps in maintaining optimal body temperature and ensures you stay comfortable throughout the night. Breastfeeding at night becomes easier, with easy-access designs that simplify feedings during those early morning hours. Investing in maternity and nursing sleepwear is investing in your comfort and well-being, aiding in better sleep quality and overall health during this pivotal phase of life.

About Hotmilk nursing nighties, camisoles, & sleepwear
Hotmilk’s gorgeous range of pregnancy and nursing sleepwear has been designed with mamas in mind. Each piece has been carefully constructed to provide comfort during pregnancy, sleep and beyond. We recommend you have at least one of our super comfy multi-fit nursing sleep bras at your disposal, such as Serenity Bamboo Nursing Bra, Caress Bamboo Nursing Bra or My Necessity Nursing Bra. These Maternity Sleep Bras are supportive, flexible, and seamless, perfect for late pregnancy and those first weeks following birth.
Of course, every mama needs a comfortable nursing camisole or nightie, and our luxurious, easy-wear My Necessity Nursing Camisole, and Dream Nursing Nightie will make those nights a little more comfortable.

What sets maternity and nursing sleepwear apart from the rest?
Our sleepwear collection is thoughtfully designed to cater to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. From carefully chosen fabrics to convenient feeding clips and supportive camisoles, we prioritise your comfort during those long breastfeeding nights. Seamless cups and side slings grow up to 3-cup sizes alongside you throughout your pregnancy and beyond, ensuring breastfeeding is easy. Did we mention the double-layered cups so you can wear them with or without our foam cups or nursing pads?
Our nursing sleepwear is similarly supportive. Stretchy bands support your changing shape during pregnancy, while our PJs cut low to sit neatly under growing bellies and sensitive tummies. The bamboo fibre of our thermo-regulating nursing pads keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, plus naturally hypoallergenic and more absorbent than cotton making them ultra gentle against your skin.

When is the best time to purchase maternity or nursing sleepwear? We recommend getting your maternity sleepwear while you are pregnant. This is a great opportunity to prioritise your comfort, and it ensures that you will be well-prepared for your hospital bag and postpartum recovery.

Is maternity sleepwear a suitable gift for a baby shower?
Maternity and nursing sleepwear makes for an ideal present. It is thoughtful, practical, and highly appreciated. If you are unsure what to gift the new or expecting mama, you can always opt for a Hotmilk Gift Card.