Flexiwire Maternity & Nursing Bras

The very best nursing bras for style and support. Designed with a flexible underwire for optimal coverage, lift and support through breastfeeding. The flexiwire is designed to flex as your breasts increase and decrease in size, providing shape and structure to the cups as well as offering breast separation.  While we don't recommend flexiwire nursing bras to take to the hospital, or for those first few weeks after having a baby, we do though recommend them for earlier in the pregnancy, and when your milk settles in the weeks after delivery. 

The Flexiwire maternity and nursing bra collection from Hotmilk offers the epitome of style, comfort, and support for nursing mothers. These maternity bras are constructed with a flexible underwire that adjusts to the natural fluctuations in breast size that occur during the breastfeeding journey. Instead of restricting movement or causing discomfort, the flexiwire moves with the body and conforms to its contours.


What makes flexiwire maternity and nursing bras so special?
A flexiwire, a thoughtful feature of maternity and nursing bras, is essentially a flexible wire that provides the shape and support of a traditional underwire, without rigid constriction. This makes flexiwire bras an excellent option for breastfeeding and pregnant women, as they offer superior support and lift while being gentle to the delicate breast tissue. The flexible wire also gives greater freedom of movement, making it great for both pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

What styles are available with a flexiwire?
Hotmilk's range of maternity and nursing flexiwire bras comes in various styles to suit different needs and occasions. For those seeking a minimalist look that doesn't compromise on support, we offer smooth T-shirt nursing bras such as Forever Yours and Obsession, that are perfect for everyday use. Our full-coverage nursing bras such as Temptation and True Luxe, provide maximum support and are great for those who need extra lift or more structure. For special occasions, we offer plunge bras like Lunar Eclipse and Warrior Plunge that provide a flattering shape and comfortable fit. All of our maternity and nursing flexiwire bra options are designed with comfort in mind, featuring soft fabrics that make them a pleasure to wear all day long.

When can I wear a Flexiwire bra?
We suggest wearing them while pregnant, and then waiting for a few weeks after giving birth before considering wearing a flexiwire bra again, during this period, your breasts tend to be engorged and sensitive, and the presence of flexible wires in the bra may cause discomfort or interfere with the natural flow of milk. It’s also important to remember that a flexiwire bra should feel comfortable from the moment you put it on, and not require any kind of ‘breaking in’. If your chosen style is too tight or uncomfortable in any way, it will be best to try another option.

No matter which style of flexiwire maternity and nursing bras you choose, Hotmilk has you covered! Our bras are designed to provide superior comfort and support, making them the perfect choice for new mums. With our selection of colors and sizes, you can find the ideal fit for your body shape and style.