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What do first time mums need the most? 

We've curated our Top 5 gifts of love for the expecting or first-time mama in your life. While she likely has the baby essentials like a bassinet, diapers, and baby clothes, our essential gift guide aims to make caring for a newborn a bit more comfortable and enhance her transition into motherhood.

Hotmilk's Top 5 New Mum Essentials

  1. Hotmilk Lingerie Gift Voucher
  2. Pure Mama Body Products
  3. Hotmilk Maternity Loungewear
  4. Portier Baby Carrier
  5. Village for Mama Cookbook

Hotmilk Lingerie Gift Voucher

Hotmilk Gift Voucher

New mums often underestimate the significant changes their bodies must go through to create new life. From tender ribcages to heavier busts and discomfort in the back or shoulders, these changes can be alleviated with the right maternity or nursing bra. A Hotmilk Gift Card shows her she's valued and prioritised too. Hotmilk's Maternity and Nursing Lingerie is crafted to both support and celebrate these changes, seamlessly blending practical support with beautiful designs for her daily maternity wardrobe. With more than 18 years of expertise, Hotmilk has refined an inclusive collection that blends essential daily wear and seasonal fashion styles, our Nursing and Maternity Gift Guide is full of new mama essentials. With late-night shopping becoming routine for new mums, a gift voucher provides guilt-free indulgence during a time when self-care often takes a backseat. Who wouldn't appreciate the luxury of being pampered with a gift voucher to up grade their Maternity and Nursing Bras?


Pure Mama Body Products

We adore this luxurious collection of body and skincare products designed to support the body's natural changes during pregnancy and postpartum. Give her the gift of Pure Mama and let her pamper herself with these beautiful maternity and postpartum essentials, showing her the care and love she deserves. Lara Henderson, a mother of two and the creator of Pure Mama, experienced frustration during her first pregnancy due to the difficulty of finding high-quality, fragrance-free products specifically designed for expectant mothers. This frustration led her to establish Pure Mama, a brand committed to using organic and natural ingredients that are gentle on delicate skin and safe for use during pregnancy and postpartum. Their best-selling Belly Oil, endorsed by celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, is now available at Mecca throughout Australasia. Providing nourishment and hydration for mama's skin, making it perfect for soothing massages on lower back and hips during late pregnancy and postpartum recovery. The Pure Mama Limited Edition Mama and Baby set is an ideal gift, elegantly packaged and ready to be shipped worldwide directly to her doorstep.


Hotmilk Maternity Loungewear

Hotmilk Lingerie Loungewear Range

Whether it's enjoying a midmorning coffee on the couch after a long night or welcoming unexpected visitors to meet her new baby, this set will ensure any new mother feels comfortable, relaxed, and confident. Our stunning linen blend mix-and-match loungewear collection is perfect for pregnancy and postpartum, guaranteeing you'll discover the perfect combination for the new mum in your life. The Sage Lounge Top boasts a comfortably relaxed fit, featuring concealed magnetic closures for effortless breastfeeding. Paired with either the Lounge Shorts or Pants, and complemented by the luxurious kimono-style Lounge Robe in Oat, whatever the combo its guaranteed to be adored. With a an easy to choose size range Hotmilk Maternity Loungewear makes the perfect gift Shop Maternity Loungewear.


Portier Baby Carrier

Portier Limitless Baby Carrier

We adore the range of Portier Baby Carriers, because being a first-time mother doesn't mean sacrificing style and personal flair. Lia, the founder of Porta, devoted over two years to crafting the Portier Limitless Baby Carrier after grappling with maintaining her identity as a first-time mother, Struggling to find a carrier that matched her personal style, Lia set out on the journey to give parents the confidence to style parenthood their way. From color palette to print, fabric to fit, Portier offers a diverse array of baby carriers, ensuring that every new mama can discover the perfect style. During those moments when leaving the house feels daunting, the Limitless Carrier provides mothers with the freedom to embrace their new lifestyle without constraints.


Village for Mama Cookbook

The most valuable gesture for a new mother is to lighten her load, which is already overflowing. In the early days of sleep deprivation, it's challenging to even consider, let alone prioritise nourishing meals. Cold coffee and leftover toast become the universal sustenance for mums. When you're not eating well, you don't feel well, which can make motherhood even more daunting. That's why we wholeheartedly recommend the Village For Mama Cookbook. Leila Amour, the founder of Village for Mama, discovered during the initial weeks of her own journey as a first-time mother that nourishing meals were instrumental in enhancing her recovery from childbirth, supporting breastfeeding, bolstering maternal well-being, and nurturing mental health. Leila wrote a cookbook comprises 30 recipe gift cards, each accompanied by a pre-written letter kindly emphasizing the significance of the postpartum period and the vital role loved ones play in shaping a new mother's experience. Having the cookbook on hand makes keeping up with healthy nourishing meals easier for any new mama.

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