The 4th Trimester - the best way to survive as told by you!

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We've collated the top tips from our followers on ways to survive and get through those first few weeks on being a mum to a newborn bub. Hopefully some of these may help. Thanks to all our followers who took the time to support our fellow mums and by all means leave your advice/tips in the comments below.

Have some meals pre-prepared and frozen so you can just heat and eat; sleep when baby sleeps; don’t stress over having the house perfectly clean; seek help from family, friends and others if need be; order your groceries online and have them delivered.

Get out side and get fresh air xx life changing even when you don't feel like you have the energy

Be prepared for all the emotions that come after giving birth and have at least one fantastic support person that will be there for you whenever you need. It takes a village!

Go out for a walk with baby in sling no matter how crazy the day is, being cooped up inside doesn’t help the mental state and seeing people and the outside world will help boost your spirits!

Always have a packet of sachet formula and bottle on hand, even if you are or intend to breastfeed. Nothing worse than not having enough milk or being stressed and causing less milk production as a new mother, in the middle of the night and no where open to buy formula to feed your hungry crying newborn. I learnt the hard way.

You and your baby are learning about each other, do what feels right for you both and don't feel pressured by every one else's 'advice'.

Honestly the best thing was to have low expectations and relax and not put too much pressure on myself and baby. We were both learning together. Also to just enjoy those precious moments.

Premake dinners and freeze them, sleep when bubs us sleeping, eat as best as you can and love your body for all it has just been through

Hot milk breastfeeding singlet tops were a life saver for feeding and still be semi dressed. Netflix, sleep when baby sleeps, house full of snacks, muesli bars, bread, fruit already chopped. Or one handed meals. And a hobby I crotched. Take yourself out once a week even for a walk to get a coffee.
@Bethune Lea

Ive set up a feeding trolley I can take from bedroom overnight to loungeroom during day. It has water, snacks, nappies, wipes, nipple cream breast pads but most of all i have a thermos of peppermint tea that stays hot all night or day. Its always in reach
@Naomi Black

Carry your baby close! A good baby carrier silly support you and make your baby feel safe, secure and supported through those early (and many more) months

To make the early days easier... remember that the nights are long, but the years are short ! take it slow, love every minute, soak it all up before they start to move because it's full on from then ! Other than that, at night time keep a touch or salt lamp on that you can make dim instead of having to flick the light on, helps baby know that its still night time.
@Ashley Staiger

Get dinner cooked in the morning so when your tired and worn out in the afternoon/evebing you can rest. Batch cooking is also amazing so if you can cook two nights worth in one go and then freeze one you only have to do 50% off the cooking. Also, I get pretty bad at not eating breakfast because it's a mad house looking after baby while getting siblings ready for school so I make overnight oats (bircher museli) in a jar and put into the fridge the night before so breakfast is made and ready to eat in the morning.
@Jess Watson

A little psychological trick I do on myself. Trying to get 2 kids to coordinate their naps so mama can nap is almost impossible. So each day I train my brain to expect that I won’t get a nap. That way, if I do, I feel like I’ve won lotto, but if I don’t, I’m not ruining the day feeling irritated at bub and miss toddler for not letting me sleep. Not a practical tip, but it helps me keep my head space healthy!
@Julia Cliford

Baby wear! I wore my son pretty much 24/7 and it made things easier to do and naptime easier as I could still do stuff without checking on him all the time.
@Sarah Lente

Co sleeping made my life easier, panadol for the pains and a hot pack for the after birth pains. Plus Netflix helped a lot on those long hours where baby wanted to sleep on me.
@Tania Seco

Nothing lasts forever the only sleeping on you in the early weeks, the waking lots during the night, the cluster feeding, the separation anxiety - as a couple of examples. It's all phases and they pass. Housework will and can wait. Remember babies are forever changing and developing.
@Keely Howe

My main tip would be to remember that even though people want to meet and cuddle your new bundle, this totally upsets them, so if you have had enough visitors or bubs has been passed round enough...... it’s ok to say ‘no’ or not pass your baby over! And lots of frozen meals!!!
@Heather Moran

If you can, go on a daily walk with the baby. It may sound crazy being exhausted and possibly hurting but it a good way to relax and relive stress. Nothing big a quick stroll around the block or drive to a park and sit outside for half and hour. It is a big mood booster. Even if you have a back yard soak up some early morning sun while having coffee or do a light stretch
@Vanessa Ann Mannucci

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