A How to - Bra Measurement Guide | Bra Size Chart

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A How to Bra Measurement Guide | Bra Size Chart

Are you an expecting or new mum who is feeling unsure about her bra size? Has pregnancy or breastfeeding caused your bust size to change drastically, leaving you baffled as to how to find the right fit? Don’t fret – we’re here to help! Today, we’re going over our trusty Bra Size Chart and Bra Size Quiz so that you can feel confident that the bras in your wardrobe are helping support, shape, and flatter your body in all of the right places. Take a deep breath, and relax – let us take care of getting it just right.

Don't underestimate how much your body will change, it's better to wear the correct bra rather than worry about what tag size you are. Did you know it's estimated that 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size, with nearly 70% wearing ones that are too small, add in the changes your body goes through with pregnancy and nursing. It's no wonder finding the perfect maternity bra can feel overwhelming.

Just like a great pair of jeans not every style will suit every body shape, personal style also plays a part as you may prefer full cup coverage, sport crop support or something a little more daring with a plunge neckline. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy or breastfeeding journey, Hotmilk Lingerie have over 18 years of experience designing bras to suit. Our Hotmilk Support team are available to help guide you to your perfect maternity and nursing bra we would love to hear from you - Email now

Simple steps for measuring using our bra size guide

1) Start with your best fitting non-padded bra on (not one you are spilling out of).
2) Measure quite tightly underbust - this will guide you to your band size, 12/34 14/36 etc
3) Measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust - this will guide you to your cup size E,F etc
4) Using your measurement follow the bra measurement guide

example - underbust measurement 31inch, overbust 38inch = 34DD

Hotmilk measurement guide chart*If you are at the top end of a band it is recommended to go up to the next size during pregnancy as you are still growing. If you are at the top of the cup measurement as you prepare for delivery, it is recommended to go up a cup size for your milk to come in.  

Our favourite Hotmilk bra features
* All Hotmilk Lingerie Maternity and Nursing bras have 6 rows of hooks and eyes, this allows you to extend the band through pregnancy, but then also allows for tightening after birth. Giving you even more wear out of your favourite Hotmilk Bras.
* The choice of traditional plastic or Hotmilk’s signature magnetic nursing clips. This comes down to personal preference although the magnetic nursing clips do allow. 
* Innovative technical support developed from over 18 years of being world leaders in maternity and nursing bras, no matter what style choice we have you support.
* The ultimate range of quality styles to evoke strength and personality in your journey through motherhood. Plunge, full coverage, sports and sleep bras, florals, lace and basics complete your maternity lingerie wardrobe. Sizes from A - J Cup and 8/30 - 22/44 Bands

wrong size bra

Signs you may not be wearing the correct bra size
Band leaves marks on your skin
Wrinkling in the cups

Wire poking in the sides of your breasts
Spilling or falling out the front of your bra
Straps slipping
Bra hiking up when you lift your arms 

First trimester
1-3 months or under 12 weeks (It’s generally about the boobs!)
Congratulations you're expecting! Some women the first sign of pregnancy is an increase in cup size, it generally tends 1-2 cup sizes but there is no hard and fast rule. As soon as you notice you are spilling out of your current bras, it's time to change. Use our Bra Size Chart and Bra Size Quiz as an indication of what to order. Each Hotmilk Lingerie maternity and nursing bra style has a SIZE & TIPS and a WHY YOU'LL LOVE ME section to help find your perfect style and fit. We love the supportive comfort of the Warrior Soft Cup and Show Off styles
* The ideal band fit in the first trimester for your maternity bra is on the tighter hooks, this will allow room to extend the band throughout your pregnancy as your baby grows.


Second trimester
3-6 Months or 12- 24 weeks (It’s about the Bump)
Most women will find no change in cup size during the second trimester, if you haven't already changed to a maternity bra, now is a great time to do so as your ribcage expands and your current bra bands feel a little tight, it is absolutely normal to go up at least 1-2 band size. Just remember as you go up in band the cup size increase to IE 14D to 16D is an increase in band AND also 1 cup. If it's just the band increase you need, the 16C will be the same cup size as the 14D (this is called sister sizing). Our bra size chart will help and of course our support team is always here to help - email now
*The ideal band fit in the second trimester for your maternity bra is on the middle hooks. 

Third Trimester
6-9 Months or 24 -40 weeks (still about the bump and then some prep)
Maternity photoshoots and hospital bag prep feature heavily in this trimester. Warrior Plunge, Temptation and True Luxe are stunning styles to capture this moment in time.
When measuring your underbust in late pregnancy, it can get tricky due to your bump sitting high, keep in mind most women will go down a band size in the few months after delivery. However we do recommend you allow for at least 1 cup size increase in your bust when your milk comes in. Soft styles like the My Necessity and Lunar Eclipse have a more relaxed band for comfort during this time. 
*The ideal band fit in the third trimester for your nursing bras is on the loosest hooks so after birth you can tighten as needed. (there is no perfect time frame, allow your body the time it needs to recover)


Fourth Trimester
0-12 weeks after birth (the learning curve of motherhood)
Comfort and multi fit options like My Necessity, Caress and Warrior Soft Cup are perfect for this time. Your engorgement is likely to keep you guessing at your bra size during this period, but this will settle, your ribcage is also contracting during this time.
*The ideal band fit in the fourth trimester for your nursing bras is on the loose to middle hooks so you can tighten as needed 

Mama Life
12 weeks and beyond (the mother you were destined to be)
As you continue your breastfeeding journey, it's important to remember that you are bold, you are brave, you can face all that is ahead …. But be kind to yourself! Whether you are juggling life out and about or returning to work it's time to embrace your motherhood style. Ambition T-Shirt, and Lunar Eclipse are some of our favourite wireless nursing bra styles, Temptation, Forever Yours or Obsession provide the ultimate uplifting flexiwire support. Our customer support team are always available to guide you to your perfect style and fit just get in touch
*The ideal band fit for your nursing bras is on middle hooks. 

As mamas we tend to forget to look after ourselves, we wouldn’t put our new baby in something that didn’t fit so we shouldn’t do it either. After all, bras are an essential piece of equipment in our journey to grow a human being and then be able to feed that little person! It's just a bonus that Hotmilk Lingerie makes high quality nursing bras that help you to feel fabulous too. The Hotmilk team are mums ourselves and while we all have different stories and experiences through motherhood, we all agree on one thing: the perfect maternity and nursing lingerie increases your confidence and the way you see yourself at such a pinnacle transition in a woman’s life.

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