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Hotmilk Collective is passionate in considering all aspects of the supply and distribution of our products, with reduce, reuse and recycling at the mainstay of our processes from manufacturing to shipping to warehouse practices.

Considered process: Our team strive to select products that have minimal impact on the environment, including the way our office and facilities are designed, managed and cleaned, how we organise our warehouse and clean our premise and the way we package, receive and deliver products. 

We understand: Our team are mostly experienced mamas that have been through pregnancy and breastfeeding and understand the challenges and changes in your body. This knowledge is constantly at the forefront of everything we do.

We care: All of our products are designed with you in mind. From style to safety we care wholeheartedly for you and your motherhood journey. Our magnetic maternity clips are tested with a heart specialist for safety with pacemakers and trims and laces are all selected with you and your baby at the forefront.