Hotmilk wins 'Best Maternity Bra' at the 2022 Project Baby Awards.

We are thrilled to announce our award-winning maternity bra, Temptation, has added another accolade to its belt. After being shortlisted in the best maternity bra category, the Project Baby team put Temptation through its paces and weren't disappointed. Walking away with Gold!

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My Necessity Sleep/Hospital Bra - definitely a Necessity!

As the name suggests, this luxuriously soft bra will become a necessity in your wardrobe. This bra is perfect for those first days of breastfeeding whist...

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Do Breastfeed babies sleep worse than formula?

We get asked a lot about breastfeeding vs formula feeding here at Baby Sleep Consultant. A lot of mums feel their baby can’t sleep well...

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Three Baby Sleep Case Studies

No cry sleep training Many parents think any form of sleep training involves shutting a helpless baby in a room alone to cry it out...

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Top 10 newborn sleep tips!

Swaddle, Swaddle, Swaddle Your baby has spent 9 months in utero this has cocooned your baby and created that reassuring snug feeling which has enabled...

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