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All our bras are nursing bras. They all have adjustable backs to allow for your body changes and will stretch and grow with you as your body changes. They all have drop down or pull aside cups for breastfeeding. We recommend at least 3 nursing bras. One on the body, one on the wash and one waiting in the drawer!

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Congratulations Mama! As your bump starts to grow through pregnancy, you will notice your bra size also changing.  Hotmilk maternity bras will help you through these changing stages. They are designed to be worn through pregnancy and nursing, to save you time and money.  Let us guide you through where to start. It can seem overwhelming, but we're here to help.

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Do I need a nursing bra?

Nursing Bra Features Explained

The quick answer is yes! Our Nursing Bras are designed to move and grow with you through every stage of pregnancy through to postpartum and beyond. They also allow access for breastfeeding and avoid discomfort which can lead to issues such as mastitis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nursing Bra FAQ

We know it can feel a little overwhelming, but don't worry, we have answered all your nursing bra questions here. From what size to wear, how many you'll need, to do I even really need a nursing bra!

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Measure yourself

Hotmilk Size guides

It's definitely not easy to measure yourself at home for your new nursing bra or clothing, but we have some top tips to help our mamas! A good rule of thumb, is that most women will go up 1-2 band sizes and 1-2 cup sizes. When measuring, ideally wear a bra (the one that fits you best). When measuring your underbust, make sure you measure this tightly or it'll suggest a band size that is too big for you. When measuring over the bust for your cup size, make sure the tape is loose. Any questions, we're here to help.

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Confused by different brands using different sizing?

International Size Chart

Our website uses American Nursing Bra sizing, but so many brands differ so we've created this handy comparision guide to simplify things for you.

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Does your nursing bra fit well?

Fitting Checklist

Use our Handy Checklist to make sure your nursing bra is fitting well in the band, cups and straps. Typically, if you are early in pregnancy, you want the band to be loose to grow in to. If you are later in pregnancy you don't want to go with a bigger band, as once you've had bubs, your ribcage will go back in a little. For cup size, again, if you are early in pregnancy, we recommend getting 2 cup sizes bigger (as a guide only). If you are late in pregnancy, maybe 1 cup size bigger will be enough. Once you are around 3mths postpartum, you may even be able to do down a cup size.

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What is best for me?

A-frame vs Side Sling?

Confused what the difference is between A-frame nursing bras and side sling nursing bras? They are quite different so let us explain.

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