Hotmilk Nursing Lingerie

Why Hotmilk Flexiwire?

Can I wear a flexiwire bra?

Flexi underwire bras are amazing for shape and lift, so we say these are ideal styles for work, going out and special occasions. We don’t recommend them to sleep in or for the hospital and the first few weeks of having a baby. Flexi underwire support holds the shape of the cup and holds the bra against the frame of the body offering great shape & support. We recommend wirefree if you’re experiencing any discomfort, for your hospital stay and also those initial weeks when baby is born as you want to be super comfortable in those early weeks and you need a bra that won’t dig in when your milk comes in and wirefree styles are far more able to accommodate you if your breasts do get bigger.

Excerpt from The Australian Breastfeeding association:

"Many women prefer underwire fashion bras and are confused when told these are not recommended during pregnancy or lactation. The reason for this is, once again, your changing breast shape. When breastfeeding, the breasts can increase and decrease in size during the day, as milk is produced and removed. Retained fluid in late pregnancy can also cause the breast to swell. Although only a slight change in size is occurring, a rigid underwire may put pressure on the breast when it is fuller. Such pressure can lead to blocked milk ducts or mastitis and it is for this reason inflexible underwire bras are not recommended. However, there are now nursing bras available that have flexible metal support, similar to an underwire, designed to flex and change position with your changing shape. These are less likely to cause problems."