Internal Nursing Bra Feeding Support

Ever wondered what the difference is between A-frame nursing bras and side sling nursing bras? Well look no further. We have summarised each of these for you below and outlined how each style should fit.

For more information, check out our blog to see which style suits you best.


Sits comfortably across the top of the breasts like a capital 'A'. Allows greater coverage and more support when the cup is dropped down.

    • Check the A-frame is sitting comfortably against the breast and that it doesn’t cut in across the top of the cup
    • Check the inside opening is large enough to expand and doesn’t cut in
    • Make sure there is enough overlap between the top of the cup and the a-frame cut out. If there is a gap this may mean the cup is too small and the breast is pushing the cup out and putting strain on the cup


Sits comfortably on the outer side of the breasts. Allows for greater skin-skin contact with baby while breastfeeding.

    • Check the side sling is sitting comfortably on the outer side of the breast and doesn’t dig into the skin or sit too high under the arm
    • Check that the sling doesn’t cover or obstruct the areola or nipple
Side sling feeding support


Practise opening and closing the nursing clips.
Magnetic clips - 2 hand twist to open
Plastic clips -1 hand unclip to open

  • Check the cup drops down far enough for feeding, ideally the cup should sit lower than the A-frame at the centre so it drops down further
  • If the bra has either an A-frame or a side sling support panel, make sure it doesn’t cut in anywhere over the breast or at the underarm when the cup is dropped down

Note: it will depend on the type of fabric in the top cup as to how much this area will give when dropping the cup down.