Do Breastfeed babies sleep worse than formula?

We get asked a lot about breastfeeding vs formula feeding here at Baby Sleep Consultant. A lot of mums feel their baby can’t sleep well at night without a formula feed, or feel the reason their baby wakes so often is because they are breastfeed.

This simply is not true.

We have just as many clients if not more who are breastfeeding, not formula feeding and we manage to get their babies sleeping just as well as each other.

Breastfed babies have the added advantage of receiving hormones via mum’s milk like melatonin in the evening and at night which actually helps them get to sleep, the sucking action is a known soother for babies and helps them calm and get ready to sleep and breast milk being the perfect food means they are thriving and ready to learn to sleep just as quickly as their formula fed friends.

If you are committed to your breastfeeding relationship and feel you are not getting enough sleep, we can probably help you without giving up breastfeeding.

I have been working on and off with Baby Eve since she was 3 weeks old, she was born 6 weeks early, so had initial struggles with feeding and latching and weight gain. She is exclusively breastfed and now 5 months old, she is only 5kg, but is sleeping through the night and napping brilliantly.

Trust your body and if your baby is healthy and thriving your milk is not the reason your baby is not sleeping.

Baby Sleep Consultant is a team of 10 consultants across NZ who teach parents how to solve their sleep problems. We are the biggest team of certified sleep consultants in NZ and offer overnight consults, day consults and phone/email consults too. You could be 7 days away from a better night’s sleep.




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