Meet True Luxe White and the designer behind the sexy set.

Wendy heads the design team at Hotmilk and is possibly one of the coolest people we know. Wendy joined the Hotmilk family in 2011 and is an absolute creative powerhouse. Having worked in the lingerie industry for over 20 years, Wendy brings tremendous technical knowledge and know-how to Hotmilk. Aside from being a creative force in the office, she is a devoted mother to Grace and Cooper at home. This experience is what gives Wendy the ability to create the perfect maternity bras for our Hotmilk mamas. 

This month we launch one of our most popular Hotmilk lingerie sets in a new colour way. We spoke with Wendy to learn more about the True Luxe design and why it is such a hit with mamas. 

True Luxe is known for being both sexy, functional and supportive. How do you make sure you get the balance right?

Getting the balance right is always the trickiest part! We wanted to create a supportive bra that could fit up to an M Cup that was super sexy. To do this, we have used our award-winning flexiwire design and combined it with a plunging centre, magnetic clips and a refined large floral lace, creating a luxuriously light bra that is beautiful enough to be worn when breastfeeding and beyond. It is so lovely to see our mamas loving this style.

What was your favourite part of the design process?

I have two: Firstly, I love the initial design process. Taking an idea and conceptualising it. Secondly, once the garment is finished, and we start getting customer feedback. There is nothing better than hearing a mama loves the lingerie you have designed.

True Luxe is available in Black, Cameo and Amethyst. So what was the inspiration for the new colour?

The inspiration for the new colour was fresh, bright and a clean, contemporary look. Our last colourway was Amethyst which has a dark moody feel. For our new white colour we chose a warm winter white that compliments all skin tones. 

How do you get the fit right?

All of our lingerie goes through rigorous testing. Once we receive our sample stock, we start the fitting process. When we are happy with the fit, we begin the wear testing. Testing everyday comfort, quality and wearability across the size range. When we are satisfied with the wear test results, we place our order. 
As every bra is unique, we then add fitting tips or notes to the website. There is a great fit section on the website called find my fit that helps mamas determine their size (it can change a lot during pregnancy and breastfeeding). 

This bra has been such a hit with our Hotmilk mamas. What makes it so special?

For me, it's down to the sexy style and inclusive sizing. We love creating lingerie that makes our mamas feel beautiful during a time when their body is going through so much change. I think True Luxe is a perfect example of this. 

Lastly, what's next for Hotmilk? What is on your sketch pad?

We have lots of exciting new designs in development. One I am looking forward to is a solution for our mamas who deal with leaking. Watch this space!



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