Mastectomy Bra Production

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Being told that you need to have a mastectomy surgery can be extremely daunting and upsetting for some women. Post surgery can leave women feeling less confident and less feminine. It was these feelings that sparked Hotmilk to look at producing a mastectomy bra for women post surgery.

Hotmilk researched the concept for months prior to production. A lot of time and care was spent talking to Plastic Surgeons as well as real life women who had been through the surgery and were now trying to regain their confidence and femininity.

6 Months prior to the Sophia bra being released, Hotmilk asked women who had had a mastectomy to be a fit model and provide Hotmilk with thoughts on the bra. The feedback was overwhelming.


“The Sophia bra is extremely comfortable to wear, it looks absolutely wonderful and I look and feel more feminine than I have since my mastectomy, now I feel the same as ‘normal’ women”.


Hotmilk directors, Lisa Ebbing and Ange Crosbie said “Bringing the Sophia bra to the market was a privilege to help post surgery wearers, at a difficult time in their lives when they need it most and helping them to feel confident in themselves.”

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