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A guide to buying New Maternity Bras during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an emotional time full of physical and mental changes, finding comfortable and supportive maternity wear is vital.

What is a Maternity Bra

Traditional maternity bras were designed solely for pregnancy and typically lacked drop-down cups for breastfeeding. However, Hotmilk's innovative maternity and nursing bra designs ensure they can be used throughout pregnancy and nursing. With a range of Wirefree and Flexi Underwire styles, every bra has 6 rows of hook and eyes for adjustment and offers more comfort and support than a “normal Bra” as your body changes through pregnancy. Favourite styles, Warrior and Lunar Eclipse, feature discreet rose gold magnetic nursing clips.

*We do not recommend purchasing a "regular bra" in a larger size for pregnancy. The fabric and structure of a "regular bra" are not designed to support and accommodate the breasts and body during pregnancy and early motherhood. "Regular bras" typically feature rigid underwires that do not allow growth and can lead to extreme discomfort if worn throughout pregnancy.

When do I know it is time for a maternity bra?

Pregnancy is an incredibly rewarding, yet often perplexing and anxiety-inducing journey for many mothers. At Hotmilk Lingerie, we pride ourselves on our expertise in this field. Drawing from our own experiences as mothers and the knowledge we've gained over the past 19 years, we strive to provide the best guidance to fellow mamas. Whether these changes occur in the early weeks of pregnancy or well into the second trimester, there's no universal timeline, as every woman's body undergoes unique growth and changes. However, five common signs that indicate it's time to switch to a maternity bra.

  1. You are spilling out of your current “Regular Bra” in the cup
  2. Your “Regular Bra” is leaving red marks
  3. Your “Regular Bra” is too tight in the band
  4. You are just feeling super uncomfortable in a “Regular Bra”
  5. Your “Regular Bras” are old and due to be upgraded anyway
Bra worn to tight

Why do I need a Maternity Bra?

Motherhood is an adventure; you don't have time for uncomfortable nursing bras. Traditional rigid underwires can become increasingly painful as your bump grows. Transitioning to a Wirefree or Flexi Underwire style can significantly enhance your comfort during this period. With six rows of hooks and eyes on every Hotmilk Lingerie Maternity bra, you can adjust the width of your band daily, ensuring the perfect support and comfort level. Pregnancy is an incredible journey, and it's crucial to have lingerie that fits well and offers the essential support and comfort needed throughout.

Hotmilk maternity Bras for every stage

There are four trimesters in pregnancy, and we have the perfect styles for each! Use our quick Fitting Quiz to guide you towards the perfect bra size. Still unsure about the fit of a bra? See our tips here.

1-3 months or under 12 Weeks = First Trimester
(It’s about the boobs!)

This is typically when most women discover they are pregnant, and changes in cup shape, size, and fullness may occur. Mamas often notice they are "spilling" out of their regular cup size or experiencing tenderness during this time. Multifit styles like the Warrior Soft Cup and My Necessity bra, or non-wired options like the Ambition T-shirt or Show Off are ideal during these changes. You may find the band feels tight, most mamas will require an increase in both cup size and band size. *It's important to note that changing a band size, also increases the cup size. For example, if you wear 12/34D, then a 14/36D will provide a larger band and cup size. However, if you only need to increase the cup size, then opt for a 12/34DD. Shop our top Trimester 1 recommendations

My Necessity Nursing Bra

3-6 Months or 12- 24 Weeks = Second Trimester
(It’s about the Bump)

Mamas tend to find their cup size has settled and it becomes about the growing bump, at this point. Feeling great at this point it's time to feel beautiful and empowered! Our best-selling styles like Warrior Plunge, Temptation and Ambition T-Shirt are perfect for those Maternity photoshoots. You may need more room in the band, with Hotmilk bras make sure to fit on the middle to tighter hooks so that you have room to extend out as your bump grows. For example, if 12/34DD fits well in the cup but the band is feeling too tight, change to 14/36D, this is a bigger band but the same cup size. Shop our favourite Trimester 2 bras 

Warrior Plunge Nursing Bra

6-9 Months or 24 - 40 weeks = Third Trimester
(still about the bump and some preparation)

As your bump grows and pushes out the ribcage, you may feel super uncomfortable under the ribcage, at this point Wirefree styles are your friend! Our Bestselling Maternity and Nursing bras, Show Off, Lunar Eclipse or Ambition T-Shirt are soft on your ribcage. This is also the stage where prepping for birth is a priority so get your hospital baby packed with all the essentials such as Reuseable Breast Pads, My Necessity Sleep Bras and a Cami. After delivery, you can expect your cup size to increase by 1-2 cups, and your band size will decrease. For example, if 14D is now on the loosest hooks, order the 14/36DD or 14/36E which is bigger in the cup, and you can continue tightening the band as your ribcage contracts. Shop our recommended Hosptial Bag Essentials

Prepping for birth in a Hospital delivery suite with Hotmilk Lingerie

Birth – 3 months = Fourth Trimester
(Get Breastfeeding sorted and start Postpartum recovery)

This is the time to show yourself the utmost kindness and generosity. Demands of breastfeeding and an increase in milk supply can lead to a dramatic change in your cup size and shape during the initial weeks. Multifit styles are ideal for accommodating these changes. Around the 6 - 12 weeks postpartum period, you may notice your band size starting to decrease, and as your milk supply settles, you may find that your pregnancy bras begin to fit again. However, it's essential to remember that every recovery journey is unique. Shop our full range of Maternity and Nursing Bras.

Hotmilk Show Off Bra in Ivory


Our support team are always here to offer you individual advice so don't hesitate to reach out we would love to hear from you.

Every few months, check on your bra inventory. If your favourite bras are worn out, replace them! Don’t suffer in an uncomfortable, dead bra. Having a drawer full of ready-to-wear bras makes getting dressed and feeling your best easy. After all, bras are an essential piece of equipment in our journey to grow a human being and then be able to feed that little person! It's just a bonus that Hotmilk Lingerie makes you feel fabulous too!

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