Post Pregnancy – 10 lifestyle changes for a healthier you.

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All women are different from top to toe. It’s a thing we like to call genetics. But is the way we ‘think’ genetics, or is it a learning we have become accustom to over our lifetime? And if it is something we have learnt, how easy can we change those thoughts and teach our brain to think and act differently. Now this is all sounding very serious, but it’s one of the first things we must achieve in order to motivate our body to get out there and pound the pavements, climb those hills and put down that last glass of wine. If we can do this, we’re one step closer to achieving that all empowering healthy and sexy body.

We've created a list of 10 inspiring and hopefully motivating ideas to help you along the way.

1: Throw away your scales.

Scales are a poor indication of how you look and feel. Muscle weighs a lot more that fat, so as you exercise your muscles will strengthen and your weight can increase. Instead use an old pair of jeans or aim to fit a certain size clothing.

2: Create a fitness action plan.

This doesn’t have to be a full blown plan set by a personal trainer. It could be as simple as defining which days of the week you’re going to train on and what type of exercise you’ll be doing on each day. Make sure that as you get fitter and stronger, you adjust your exercises so they remain challenging.

3: Build a base and then ramp it up.

Let’s face it, post pregnancy, you have very little fitness. You’ve probably had a good 6 months off exercise and the body is feeling very sluggish. Once you’re ready to get back into exercise, start with some gentle jogs, swimming, biking etc. Build your fitness base up slowly to avoid injury. Once you feel as though you have a base fitness, then it’s time to really up the ante. Rather than long slow exercise, shift your focus to short high intensity training. This is the quickest way to lose weight, tone up and it doesn't take long to do. Have a look online for some great high intensity training idea.

4: Always exercise on a Monday.

This sets you up for the week after a busy weekend and tells your brain the week has begun and you need to get active.

5: Enter a competition.

Whether this be a running event, triathlon or any physical event for that matter. Knowing you have a race to complete, completely changes the way your brain thinks and puts a bit of pressure on you to try that little harder.

6: Push harder.

Don’t give up during your exercise session when the heart starts pounding harder and your breathing gets heavy. Push on for an extra 5 or 10 mins. This is when the body really responds and teaches the body that you can handle the jandal. You’ll find your training capacity will increase to handle more sessions at higher intensities.

7: Stop worrying so much about what you eat.

Now this doesn’t mean, go off and buy McDonalds every day and treat yourself with chocolate when you feel like it. What it does mean is to relax your mind when eating. Stop counting calories and stop thinking carbs Vs protein. I swear by a balanced diet... a little bit of carbs, a little bit a protein, some sugar when you need it and hell, a glass of wine when you feel the need is totally ok. The more you worry about food, the more you think about it. As long as you’re eating good healthy food more regularly than unhealthy food, you’re on the way to becoming a fitter healthier person.


8: Go and buy yourself some nice active wear and a decent pair of running shoes.

When you know your looking ‘hot’, you’re more likely to get out of the house and show off your style. It’s a great motivator. We have some great sports bras to help with breastfeeding mamas, so there’s no excuse! Also…Shoes! Every women loves shoes! Get fitted with the correct shoes and you’ll be amazed at how much more you enjoy exercise.

9: Surround yourself with people and things that promote a healthy lifestyle.

This may mean joining fitness classes, teaming up with a friend, finding a running partner or having lunch with healthy people. Make sure you tell everyone about your quest to get fit or lose weight, so that they are on the same page with you. It also puts that added bit of pressure on you to make sure you are sticking to your goals and proving to your friends, colleagues and family that you can do it.

10: Drink lots of water

Everyone harps on about this, but it really is so important. If your well hydrated, the body and muscles can work that extra bit harder and you’ll feel less sluggish and more energetic before, during and after your exercise.

Changing your mindset and getting your body used to exercise and healthy eating isn't a quick change. You need to train your mind and your body. Don't give up after a couple of weeks, hang in there and eventually you'll love it and and you'll love the new you too!!!

Goodluck from the Hotmilk team xox

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