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Questions and Answers


How big will my breasts grow during pregnancy?

Every woman is different. It is not uncommon for a woman to go up 2-4 band sizes and 2-4 cup sizes in pregnancy. Your breasts should have stabilized at around 7 months and will increase when your milk first comes in, after the delivery of your baby. The extra hooks and eyes of our Hotmilk bras cater perfectly for this.

Should I wait until after my baby is born to buy my Hotmilk maternity & nursing bras?

The more you can do before your baby is born, the more prepared you will be! It is important to wear a maternity/nursing bra from 3 months as the milk ducts develop during pregnancy and wearing a normal underwire bra during pregnancy can place pressure on the ducts. This can lead to blocked milk ducts or mastitis during and after pregnancy, which is why our bras are underwire free. Hotmilk bras have excellent features allowing you to cater for the expansions experienced in your bust and diaphragm, so you can purchase before you breastfeed.

Which nursing bra is better, A-frame or side-sling?

Our bra’s have either an internal A-frame or side-sling support for feeding. This really is a matter of personal preference  and what you find the most comfortable.
The A-frame provides a triangle frame around the breast when the cup is dropped down for feeding. This option provides more coverage and support so they are more suitable for larger bust sizes and in full-cup styles.
The side sling cradles the bust from the side of the cup during feeding. As there is less coverage they can be used in 3⁄4 cup styles. This option provides more skin-on-skin contact between mother and baby during feeding. You may like to change between the two.

How many
Hotmilk bras do I need?

Our surveys have shown that a woman will need at least 2-3 Hotmilk maternity/nursing bras. You will need your first Hotmilk bra in your first trimester and then another couple at your re-fit at 7 months. This will see you through the birth of your baby and your milk flow arriving. It also ensures you will always have a clean, dry bra available when nursing. And we know that when you visit collections you’ll want to choose more!

If I buy a maternity/nursing bra at 3 months, will I use it again if I grow out of it?

The Hotmilk bra you buy at this stage will more than likely be useful again post pregnancy, when the amount you are feeding has decreased and your breasts have reduced in size. Follow the washing instructions carefully and it will still be in beautiful condition.

Should I buy my Hotmilk bra one size too big to allow room to grow?

NO. The bra will be unsupportive, not to mention uncomfortable. All of our bras have 6 rows of hooks and eyes to allow room for expansionin the diaphragm. And our fabrics all have stretch in them for support and comfort. An initial fitting at 3-4months and a follow up fitting at 7 months should ensure that you are wearing the best fitting and most supportive size for your bust.

How should I care for my Hotmilk lingerie?

Always wash in cold water with regular detergent. NO bleach, NO additives.
Hand wash in cold water with like colours or place inside a lingerie bag using your washing machine’s cold- water delicate cycle with like colours. All hooks, clips and fastenings need to be closed before washing.
Hang-dry out of direct sunlight to extend the life of the lingerie. Using a tumble dryer can stretch and distort the shape of lingerie.

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