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Welcome to the world of motherhood, where every moment is an adventure and every milestone is a cause for celebration. Here at the Hotmilk Blog, we're your passport to the most exciting and empowering journey of your life, insights into motherhood, breastfeeding, and the world of maternity lingerie and nursing bras.


Welcome, new mums! It's a wild ride, isn't it? Late-night feedings, the endless nappy changes, and let's not even get started on the lack of...

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Taking Care of Yourself: Essential Tips for New Moms

Being a mom is amazing, but let's face it, it's also a huge challenge. While you're busy caring for your adorable little bundle of joy,...

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How to love your body through Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding is the most challenging transformation your body will experience. And it can leave you feeling shattered. The body you once called...

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Those 'embarrassing' new mama questions answered by @olivia_lactation_consultant

"As a midwife for over 10 years and a lactation consultant working in a busy London hospital, I've seen it all! There is little that...

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5 fundamental steps to return to exercise after birth

Getting back into exercise after having a baby is a big deal and for some it can be quite overwhelming with knowing where to start....

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The best things about living the simple life with surfer, business owner, mum and partner, Emma Bäcklund

We talk to Emma Bäcklund about falling in love with Australia, starting a new business, living in a bus and raising a family with a...

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How much is too much excercise while pregnant? Joanne Brown (Pysiotherapist) answers all your questions.

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Three words that change your life forever. Before you know it you are plunged in to a new world of baby must-haves,...

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How athletes have changed the world to prove motherhood is no barrier!

Since the Paris Olympic Games in the 1900’s, mother’s have been allowed to compete in their chosen Olympic sport. Since this time we have had...

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How your body is made to birth!

  We’ve all been there before when we’ve either looked down at our vulvas or envisioned a baby coming out of that small area and...

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