Hospital Bag

It's time to pack your hospital bag, mama! For this stage of your pregnancy, you want soft, comfortable nursing bras that will keep you covered and allow for growth when the milk comes in after birth. Be prepared, when the milk first comes in after you’ve delivered your baby, the breasts will be quite swollen, this doesn’t last forever, once you have established a routine for regular breastfeeding, they will settle, so don’t panic! However, do ensure you have nursing bras that are either stretchy or 1-2 cup sizes bigger to see you through this stage. Don't forget our Bamboo Nursing Pads, as the breasts will likely leak between feeding your baby. It’s also a great idea to wear a nursing camisole or nursing nightie, as these will keep your tummy covered while you’re breastfeeding, which is great for when you have all your visitors!