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5 Ways To Be a Kick Ass New Dad-to-Be

5 Ways To Be a Kick Ass New Dad-to-Be
Compliment her!
Your partner may at times struggle with her changing body shape.  Reassure her that she still rocks your world in every way.  Marvel at what her amazing body is achieving and encourage her to be proud of it! 
Want extra bonus points? Buy her some sexy Hotmilk Lingerie! The Hotmilk website has a Men Only guide to help you through. 
Be brave! 

Make sure you check in with your other half often.  Her body is changing and her emotions will be too.  She’ll want to talk about all the exciting aspects of having a baby, and all the challenging ones.  She’ll be a bit afraid and want you to help her to reassure that all will be fine. If she asks for your help, say yeah baby! And be patient. Them baby hormones can make her a bit crazy sometimes.  Just be there for her.

Ask for advice
Every bloke you know who’s been there done that will have one essential piece of advice of what to do/not do. Make it your mission to find out what that is. Learn from your mate’s mistakes and ace it first time round! 
If you have a boy’s night – send a few cheeky texts back to your other half so she knows she’s important. 

Educate yourself                                                  
I know, seems like this preggy/ birthing business feels like it’s all about her, but don’t take a back seat. You’re her wing-man. Her partner in crime. So don’t leave it up to her to do all the homework too. It really helps to know what she’s going though and about to go through so that when she freaks out or melts down (yeh it’ll happen!) then you can step in with your calm and soothing manly influence and reassure her what she is going through is completely normal – ‘cause you know.
So read the books, the pamphlets, google it, youtube it - empower yourself with knowledge.  It will both serve you well and she will love seeing how committed you are to being involved.
Top tip: Know how to put the baby seat in the car before you need it!

Make sure you have time for Her                                                            
Book a weekend away, take her to dinner or whip something up at home. Make sure you talk about all the things that you love about each other and the exciting times ahead starting your new family. The first few weeks and months might be a (fun) whirlwind and it’s good to know you have each other’s backs. This could be a good occasion to surprise her with some Hotmilk Lingerie.


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