Win a signed copy of Labour of Love: A story of generosity, hope and Surrogacy.

Posted: Aug 25 2016

In 2012 we ran a Hotmilk Model competition, the only catch was, there was no photo required. We wanted to find inner beauty, so instead of finding the prettiest women on the outside, we were on a quest to find a beautiful women on the inside, someone with a winning attitude towards, love, life and lingerie. After a 2-month search, we found Shannon Garner. Her motivation for life and love radiated on the inside and the outside and has continued to radiate throughout her life journey and others.

Shannon Garner met and married the man of her dreams, has two gorgeous children and lives an idyllic life on the New South Wales coast. It was in 2015 that Shannon was asked to pursue altruistic surrogacy for a gay male couple from Sydney and it’s at this moment that Shannon’s pure inner beauty shone through in an unselfish and loving way.

Labor of LoveShannon has written a book about her journey rightly called Labour of Love: A story of generosity, hope and Surrogacy.

Labour of Love is Shannon’s honest and engaging story – a rollercoaster of emotion set against the backdrop of a highly regulated ‘industry’. This is no account of heartache and conflict but an uplifting story of ‘a collective love’ – one that involves a handful of people from very different walks of life who end up being so much more than family.

As Shannon travels her journey of body, mind and soul, she lays bare the loving reality behind surrogacy, but also the trouble she found along the way.

Finding strength in unexpected places, Shannon pushed past the negativity of others to discover the courage she needed to selflessly carry and birth a baby that will not be her own – and to bring the gift of a precious life and soul into the world, to be loved and cared for by her new adoring parents.

We are lucky enough to have 3 signed copies of Shannon’s book to giveaway. To enter, simply fill in the form below and you’re in the draw to win. Winner will be announced 30th September 2016.

Goodluck xxx

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