Free Lil'buds Comfort Pack worth $25 with every order over $80

Posted: Nov 20 2016

We have an incredible gift to offer you! For every order over $80 we'll include a Free Lil'buds All Natural Breast Comfort Pack valued at $25.00. These packs are incredible...believe me!

Lil'buds Breast Comfort Packs
Lil'buds Comfort Packs are designed to therapeutically treat breast pains while providing the most comfortable and relaxing nursing experience for both Mother and Baby. The packs slim profile, curved shape, soft flannel exterior, and all-natural filling enables you to wear them comfortably in your bra while nursing or resting giving both mama and baby a soothing breastfeeding experience.

Environmentally Friendly and Earth Conscious

No plastic. No chemicals.  Lil'buds are an eco-friendly solution to treating breastfeeding pains.  Made with non-toxic, biodegradable fillings, and a 100% cotton flannel exterior Lil'buds contribute to healthier living and a healthier planet. 

Warm or Cold Therapy

Heat quickly in the microwave, or cool in the freezer, and apply when relief is needed. The all-natural filling gives long lasting radiant heat to help increase let down, stimulate milk flow, treat clogged ducts, and sooth tender breasts with mastitis.   When cold, the packs can be used to sooth breasts in between feedings and ease pains of weaning.  The soft flannel exterior prevents your skin from any burning or freezing sensations.

Calming Lavender

Lavender essential oil has a calming scent which works wonders on nerves and anxiety issues. It can also be helpful in treating migraines, headaches, depression, insomnia, nervous tension and emotional stress.  Our Lil'buds flax+lavender packs, filled with flax and lavender buds, give the ultimate relief to mind and body.  When heated, the buds slowly release their natural scent to calm both mama and baby.  

Don't miss out on getting you free Lil'buds Comfort Pack.





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