Free Babyganics Laundry Sample with every Hotmilk order!

Posted: Oct 16 2016

We are giving away a free Babyganics Laundry Powder sample with every Hotmilk purchase while stocks last.
Its a parents mission to raise the next generation of healthy, happy babies and thats Babyganics mission too. They do it by making products that help families create their own baby-safe world.



Take a load off your mind with every load of laundry

Stain fighting

Your baby is a professional mess maker, so we create laundry products to get out the toughest stains while staying gentle on fabrics. So go ahead and celebrate the mess!

Plant-based ingredients

Our detergent harnesses the cleaning power of plant-based ingredients, and we never add harsh ingredients that can irritate ultra-sensitive skin.


Big or small, with our laundry products, everything is left fresh, gentle for babies and snuggle-ready. Plus, our triple concentrated detergent means you’ll have to run fewer loads of laundry...saving on water and time!



For more info on babyganics and to explore their full range of products check out their website.


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