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Why you need a breastfeeding bra

ra-b-w-4.jpgTHE IMPORTANCE

Why can’t I wear a regular bra or an old, stretched one?

Traditional bras don’t have room for the diaphragm to grow during pregnancy and they also have an underwire which is not recommended to wear. Hotmilk bras are soft cup bras and have six rows of hooks and eyes. This allows room for the diaphragm to expand during the months of pregnancy and the ability to tighten after the baby is born and the diaphragm settles. It also means you’ll be comfortable and have a beautifully supported silhouette!

Why can’t I wear an underwire?

We strongly advise against wearing underwire during pregnancy and breastfeeding, for the simple reason underwires place pressure on the milk ducts and soft, tender tissue, potentially blocking milk flow and leading to plugged milk ducts. This may lead to nasty infections requiring antibiotic intervention, which can interrupt your breastfeeding routine.
Hotmilk bras are cleverly designed to give you all the support you need – even in larger cup sizes. We use technologically advanced power fabric and wider than usual cotton-lined straps – ruched with satin bows of course! Intensive research and testing on real pregnant women means the fit and shape provided by Hotmilk bras and underwear is superior.

My skin feels tender and is easily irritated. I need to feel comfortable.

We know what you mean! Seams and stitching across the nipple area or unlined bras can cause irritation on already sensitive and tender breasts. All Hotmilk bras have either concealed seams or seams designed to avoid the nipple area and therefore the risk of chafing. We also use soft 100% cotton lining for the ultimate in comfort and support.

Can I still wear gorgeous lingerie, even though it’s maternity lingerie?

As important to us as the fit, support and practicality of our Hotmilk lingerie is that you will look and feel feminine, sexy and empowered! Pregnancy and being a new mother can be challenging and wearing plain lingerie certainly doesn’t lift the spirits. Hotmilk specializes in sexy, feminine lingeriemade from exquisite fabrics and laces, embellished with satin and diamante.

Hotmilk bras and tops are beautiful and practical with no-fuss, one-handed maternity clips for quick and easy breastfeeding.

So when should I buy my new Hotmilk bra?  leftarrow.jpgrightarrow.jpg