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Hitting the Mean Streets

streets.jpgLET'S SHOP, girlfriend!

YEH IT TAKES A CERTAIN KIND OF MAN TO walk into a womens KNICKER shop TO browse the frillies and not feel like a bit of a plonker. 

You just need to tell yourself ’I am that kind of man! Or at least I wanna be, damn it!’ Just remember, the sales ladies are there to help and they’re on your side.

Now don’t be intimidated by their superior wealth of knowledge in this department. That’s their job. Although they could no doubt whip your butt on lingerie quiz night you’d clearly have the upper hand when it came to lifting heavy objects, swinging a chain saw or peeing while standing. 

Further understanding your manly limitations they’ll probably even gift-wrap it for you too with pretty bows and stuff you’d never think of. But remember to keep the receipt so they can be exchanged in case you didn’t manage to ace it first time round.

CAN I SHOP ONLINE?  rightarrow-blue.jpg