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Congratulations are in Order!

congrats.jpgNICE ONE!

So you've Sucessfull mastered the art of procreation.

Now being a modern man you want to spoil the special lady of your life'cause she deserves it. After all she is carrying your progeny right? And in a few short months or weeks she’s going to... never mind... one thing at a time. Or perhaps the stork has already flown and delivered your beautiful bundle of joy into your now fully inverted though infinitely enriched world.

Well look there’s plenty of good reasons to spoil your special lady - birthday, Valentines, anniversary (oops) or you’re just trying to dig your way back out of the dog box. But hey, to be fair you don’t need a reason, 'cause you're a man, and a man’s purpose is to buy women stuff.  

So you’re up for the challenge but just not sure how to go about it? Well, you got the first bit right all on your lonesome. You found Hotmilk!  

WHY HOTMILK?  rightarrow-blue.jpg